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Today’s finds

  a mere $1.99 at Goodwill this yarn is 50% llama and 50% wool, 3oz and 132 yards per ball. $2.99 per bag am not sure which is the better deal! Advertisements

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getting ready

its been a strange and busy year.  A new shed in the eastern garden to house one of the Yeti power supply units I use for the pump that is used to water that area from the water tank.  plus … Continue reading

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late august garden

After too hot and too dry, we’ve had a decent monsoon season.  For many reasons didn’t really plant a major garden this year, but have had a little fun, despite every single green bean plant being mowed down by hungry … Continue reading

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time flies!

Doesn’t it though, even if you are not having a lot of fun!! First, garden is okay.  strange, but okay.  Growing the Armenian Cucumbers for the first time.  Chard is doing well.  Eggplant, eh!  tomatoes, well, they are there, but … Continue reading

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still knitting

Took me MONTHS to finish this.  A Red Heart yarn project – Breezy Knit Market Bag – figured it would use up a large skein of yarn that I had.  Followed gauge but made it wider than the original pattern, … Continue reading

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still a gardening blog

Tuesday June 6, 2018 In the greenhouse: stevia closest, empty is tumeric tuber waiting I hope, then potatoes both white and sweet. Something has been eating the sweet potato leaves as fast as they grow! This shows the tomato plant … Continue reading

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Have just been reading about (and ordered some to try) “soap nuts” Which lead me to wondering if anyone has tried using Yucca root for laundry/cleaning?  Basically the same thing, natural saponofins  (or how ever its spelled).  Or will I … Continue reading

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