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cool again

rainy once more (YEAH!), and suddenly cool after a couple of weeks in the 80’s.  Tonight will be down near freezing. Rhubarb doing wonderfully, harvested some today.  See one of the plants will need dividing and as it is already … Continue reading

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started reading about this technique before we ever moved to Sedona 20 years ago, but we had no garden and wasn’t up and into grow bags and container gardening in our first house.  That was all about establishing our business … Continue reading

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enjoying the green

  Not traditional, but FRESH. Asparagus with the corned beef and potatoes today Keeping the garden protected against critters is becoming hard!  They ate 4 of the 6 broccoli plants in the main garden despite it being a fenced in … Continue reading

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garden hustle plus

Suddenly we’re having 40+ degree nights – even though our last official frost date is May 19 – and daytime temps are pushing 80! Its chili making time, cooking beans in the solar oven to free up the kitchen stove.  … Continue reading

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gardening in climate change

Living in AZ, we have a very strange growing season.  The mid summer temps are TOO hot, and most fruits and veggies do not flower, so will not fertilize.  Even tomatoes and such that started to form before the heat … Continue reading

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rehydrating soup

Finally tried some of the potato leek soup I’d made a few months ago, and dried.  It rehydrated fine, but was bland.  The bland had to do with how it was made, as I usually create a plain base and … Continue reading

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dehydration for storage

This is a bag containing 560 grams of dehydrated Turkey rice soup w/vegetables.  Its what’s left of 6 quarts of soup.  While I prefer, usually, to can my soup, there are times when I’d like to have some emergency food … Continue reading

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