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garden was lousy this year, and my holiday presents for the neighbors usually include some preserves from the garden.  This year, red onions at the farmer’s market were plentiful so for the first time, pickled onions.  The tall jars are … Continue reading

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May 5, 2018 update

  Thornless boysenberry, Monrovia.  Will it stay here?  maybe no.  Seem to be doing fruits in the Eastern garden.  Will revisit this soon. cutting back on my veggies, but also squeezing more in, almost square foot gardening.  first planting got … Continue reading

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solar cooking

In addition to making jerky in the solar oven, did a piece of pork yesterday for making pulled pork.  Set it up early and let it sit in the sun at 200F from about 9am to about 4am.  Since I … Continue reading

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making jerky!

have been making jerky for the dog for years now, both chicken and beef.  The chicken from chicken breast, the beef from both ground beef and from sliced pieces; basically, what ever’s on sale. This week, decided to try to … Continue reading

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dehydration again

This is cooked butternut squash.  seven servings, 140 grams total.  We all know what it takes to cut up and cook a squash.  If you only want a side serving for one, what do you do with the rest?  Spent … Continue reading

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todays hack

Fried egg on a biscuit.  Now that I’m gluten free, my husband has to live with store bought  biscuits.  It happens that a large canning ring is the exact same size as a Pillsbury Grand.  Grease the inside well, screw … Continue reading

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gf non fried chicken

I LOVE fried chicken.  Nice, hot fried, just a little greasy, with the skin left on so each bite is just dripping, moist tender chicken.  But like most of us grownups, don’t eat fried chicken anymore.  Being gluten free is … Continue reading

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