winterizing the greenhouse


greenhouse150 gallon water container installed and filled


using some old cotton drapery panels on the north side for a little extra insulation

greenhouse6greenhouse5 found in the greenhouse         front                                        back

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garden update

been awhile since I’ve updated the garden activities.  Am still working on switching out and rearranging my grow bags and containers in the eastern garden.  Did get the low big grow bag (50” x 12”) swapped out for a 36” x 20” one and planted with garlic and onions.  My south bed is planted with Shallots and another 36 x 20” grow bag is planted with garlic.


Some of my freshly planted asparagus kicked up shoots.

nov garden 001We’ve had some light frosts so far this season, but nothing that touched the garden plants.  That may change this week with our first winter storm barreling through, so harvested the last of the ripe tomatoes, the zucchini and chard you see here.  Plenty more green tomatoes, more chard, and some spaghetti squash out there still.  The squash is far from developed, so a hard frost will take that all out.  If not, they can continue to grow!

Had a reminder today of how important it is to stay in shape!  Went to gather some small wood for the fireplace this morning and just a few strips with small branches totally exhausted me.  How will I carry logs when we get to that portion of the program??

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tomato sauce weekend


tomato sauceThis picture proves that despite strange and weird weather, overall, the tomato harvest was better this year than last.  Twice as much sauce when all was said and done, and there are still tomatoes ripening on the vines!  Last year had a total of 5 containers of frozen tomatoes which yielded (and I didn’t note the exact quantity!!), about 9 pints of sauce (4.5quarts).  This year, had 5 full quarts of plain marinara, and 6 pints of meat sauce (only 5 in the photo – one jar is a pint and a half, and the other half pint just went into the fridge to be used with lunch today).  Tomatoes, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, a touch of balsamic vinegar and a touch of lemon juice, oregano, sage, basil, and for the meat sauce, some fresh ground pork.

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planting started

Got over 30 shallot bulbs into the ground today.  And see that a couple of the asparagus plants have sent up stalks!  Lets hope they adapt to the concept that this is winter and come back in the spring!!

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fall garden work

September saw a renewal of the zucchini and tomatoes in the main garden, so while I’m waiting on what is happening there, am prepping my eastern area for more containers and planters.  First was removal of the barbed wire that ran along this fence line. That allowed me another 4ish inches.  Way to the left is the nectarine I planted in the spring, then next to that, in line, are the three containers of blueberries also planted in the spring.  Two empty grow bags next to that, one will be for the rhubarb, the other for the fig.  I’d split the rhubarb in the spring, and harvested from the split piece, so am not sure if that will grow back next year. If it does, it can still spend another year in the smaller container. Meanwhile, the good one will go into the big container and will probably be enough to serve our needs by itself anyway.  The other bag had originally been intended for that second plant, but have decided to put the fig in it instead.  That leaves me a VERY LARGE grow bag that I’ll just use as a general growing space

fall garden

This is along the southern fence line.  To the left is the yellow plum tomato, on the other side of the fence are the asparagus containers.  I’ve clipped back a  lot of dead growth in this corner and will be planting some comfrey inground here in the spring.  For the past few years I’ve kept it in containers, but will go with one spot here, and another on the eastern end of the bed that runs this fence line.  Because of the gophers, this spot will have to be lined and reinforced to protect the roots

fall garden2

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saving seed


seed far more attractive picture than what it looks like to save tomato seeds!  Bush beans, probably 4th or 5th generation from when I started growing and saving.  Just let the beans ripen and thicken, then dry, shell.  These will then go into the frig to stratify for a few months before planting.  One can also plant enough to let them all get big and “beany” and save the beans to use as dry beans.  If you are a person planning, preparing, etc. you will be glad you have the skills of seed saving if the SHTF!  and if that happens, hopefully you have enough of most things that the only place you will have to loot is the garden center’s seed inventory!

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Always one


sept 7 No matter how hard I try, how carefully I look, one always seems to hide from me and become something big enough to be used as a weapon!

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