saving seed


seed far more attractive picture than what it looks like to save tomato seeds!  Bush beans, probably 4th or 5th generation from when I started growing and saving.  Just let the beans ripen and thicken, then dry, shell.  These will then go into the frig to stratify for a few months before planting.  One can also plant enough to let them all get big and “beany” and save the beans to use as dry beans.  If you are a person planning, preparing, etc. you will be glad you have the skills of seed saving if the SHTF!  and if that happens, hopefully you have enough of most things that the only place you will have to loot is the garden center’s seed inventory!

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Always one


sept 7 No matter how hard I try, how carefully I look, one always seems to hide from me and become something big enough to be used as a weapon!

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small batch processing


sept 6 Don’t see what the fuss is about small batch processing.  Maybe its just so many people are new to canning so it seems like a big deal.  this is two 8oz jars of strawberries, blueberries and the last of the rhubarb that I canned up this morning. admit to buying everything but the rhubarb.  cooked it down quick and then into two jars.  Into a saucepan for processing.  I went through the thrifts for a small tall stockpot for small batch canning, but a regular large saucepan is enough and does the job.

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second season

although the days are still VERY hot, we’re dropping down into the 50’s at night and so the second season for growing is upon us!

sept 1started seeds for greenhouse growing a few weeks ago; broccoli, chard, spinach and lettuces.

sept 2although these roma plants are all determinate tomatoes, they have started growing again.  so far have been pleased with the yield I’ve gotten – although contrary to popular literature, that harvest has come over a period of some 6 weeks so far, with much more on the vine yet.  Do not get how people talk about this big harvest and pulling out their victorio and processing to make sauce and ketchup, and and and.  NEVER happens here!

sept 3 with the cooler weather the purslane is back!

sept 4green beans too.  I’d left these bush beans to go to seed for next year, but they’ve started growing and I’m harvesting green beans once again!

sept 5This is ONE zucchini plant, that has yielded 3 zucchini so far this week.  My other plants have also given me a couple.  This is more zucchini at once than I’ve had so far this year!

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getting ready


sept asparagus have ordered asparagus for fall planting, getting the grow bags ready. 25 of them.  Right now, they are at the perfect level to take the 3rd year roots that have been ordered and should be in this week or next.  But know the soil will settle some.  Have mixed comfrey leaves in the soil in preparation.

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Have just ordered 25 asparagus plants, 3rd year roots for fall planting.  As I’m a container gardener, that means 25 pots of soil.  Bought from Andys Asparagus Acres.  Actually, pretty expensive, but most other places aren’t offering 3rd year roots and I’ve no patience to wait years for a harvest!  These folks seem to have good comments all around, sure hope so.  Also, we’ve slowly been moving up the temperature zone. 7a when we moved here, and now 8a by some guides!  8b seems to be the max allowed for growing asaparagus.  we tend to end up with a Ph of 7 in our soil naturally, basic is good for asparagus.  have to struggle to get it down for the more acidic veggies.  Had to order more grow bags too, as I don’t have enough for 25 plants. comfrey compost seems highly recommended, fortunately, have that and will be expanding my comfrey next year too.  Oh well, mornings a wasting, better get out there and get to work on getting what pots and soil I’ve got out there as everything is on its way!

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Leaving on the edge

Is the name of this pattern on Ravelry.  I’m suddenly enamored of leaves.  The original pattern calls for 5 pattern repeats and sewing the edges.  Its not that cold in my area of AZ, don’t want something tight around my neck, nor do I want to have to drag it off and on over my head.  Bulky yarn, mostly wool with acrylic and nylon

knitting 3knitting 2



These are all variations on a theme, pattern by Petra Breakstone.  I’ve done three as neck pieces, and two as wreaths.  All the green ones will be holiday presents.

knitting 1

All the leaf designs are variations of a Barbara Walker design

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