dehydration experiments


on the left is cooked dried brown rice.  Rehydrated one jar tonight for dinner, took awhile, 30-45 minutes.  but was fine. Other jar will be kept in pantry for awhile to see if it goes rancid or anything.

on the right is cooked dried spaghetti squash.  rehydrated well, fast and easy.  have a little in a zip lock baggie set aside to see how well it keeps.

Even if this doesn’t work for long term storage, being able to cook extra and set aside as dried for a week or so is sooooo much better than keeping it in the fridge.  The squash gets moldy and the  rice gets sour, then moldy.  and of course, it all takes up space!  Have frozen the left overs, but then you forget to defrost before the meal you want to make . . .

Dehydration solves a lot of problems for the busy cook!

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stuff plus

Recently have been busy with STUFF.  Work.  The disastrous summer garden that is now yielding tomatoes and eggplant. Husbands cataract surgeries.  A bout with some bad take out.

And I got my e-Trike.



When the local Pedego store finally got this in, was prepared to not like it because of the funky basket and how low it was.  Quickly understood that unless the bike was REALLY REALLY WIDE, it needed to be low.  We think of trikes as being more stable, and in many ways they are.  But they have their quirks.  If one of the rear wheels falls into a pot hole, low spot, etc., the bike tips to that side and the front wheel wants to go that direction too.

Its also very underpowered, much for the same reason.  That does pose some problems for me as ultimately want to use this for errands which requires going uphill – about 2.5 miles from where I live to the grocery store, all UPHILL.  and at my weight, that is more than the electric motor can handle without A LOT of help.  So have been pedaling around the neighborhood as much as I can, with as little motor assist as I can, to build up the leg muscles.

Just recharged the batteries today, after a bit over 24 miles.  They weren’t completely discharged.  Used my Yeti 1000 to do the charge to see how much it would drain that.

and have added a rear view mirror to get used to before I hit the real road!!

Will try to get a picture of it in use to share.

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follow ups

After nearly 3 weeks, today took the fermenting lid off the sauerkraut, and it tastes, just like sauerkraut.  so into the fridge it went.

and for lunch, reconstituted one of the “squash leather”.  Tore up it up smaller than in the pic, put it in a pan of water and let it boil away and until the squash was reconstituted and the excess water had boiled off.  Next time I’ll be more careful about measuring before and after so I know how much water to add and not waste a bunch.

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing off the applebutter with prickly pear that’s on the stove.  If you’ve never done applebutter before it’s a long process to boil off the water and leave only the apple and sugars.  It still has some way to go, and then it can get canned.

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as mentioned previously, wear a size 11 woman’s shoe (depending on make, sometimes even that’s too small).  Yes, also spend a lot of time in the men’s aisle, but their shoes fit differently.  This week was a good week at the Thrift shop.  Been looking for taller shoes as this is snake country, plus need the ankle support and hiking boots tend to be heavy and hot, hot, hot!!!

shoe deal1$5.99!!  look cool right?  really cheap, manmade materials, but cut for a woman’s foot,  from Target.  Nice thing about them is a side zipper, so get them on, get the laces where you want them, and zip and unzip, on and off.   Nice lugged sole.  at this price if they wear out in a year who cares!!  Yes, they will be hot, so will be for the cooler weather or just when doing something where I need the tall boot and then off they come. 

shoe deal2$9.99!  and these are Sorels!!!  Oh yea.  put the elastic lace on them.  These are canvas with a good Vibram sole.  the Canvas makes them sturdy but cooler than leather.  had to put in an insole as these are men’s shoes.  They have a very stiff heel cup which requires a shoe horn to get them on and off.  Am using a piece of heavy belt leather for that job and it works just fine.

Neither pair of shoes was showing any wear on the soles.  Not sure what was the problem that got the target boots into the thrift.  Would say the difficulty getting them on is what did it for the Sorels.

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squash leather


wednesday2roasted 3 good sized butternut squash in the solar oven, removed the guts, mashed, and spread out on sheets to dry.  They came out a little dryer than a fruit leather, but not so dry that they could be crumbled.  Had seasoned them with salt and pepper and a touch of garlic.  Unfortunately, I didn’t weigh before and after to calculate how much water was needed to reconstitute.

butternut squash is easily available and not that expensive, but this is an experiment in using the solar oven, drying the squash, buying organic in season at the farmer’s market while its super fresh and the price is right.  PLUS quicker cooking on a busy day.

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hungry critters and



broccoli1broccoli2 One the left is a picture of what were 12 broccoli seedlings last night.  Just so you can get an idea of how low to the ground and how easy it was for something to get in there and eat all this food, is the picture on the right.


tumericTumeric on the left, ginger on the right.  Will let these go through the winter and ten repot into separate pots for next season.

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yesterday was a Costco shopping day.  Spent some time in their cereal aisle looking at their Granolas.  Am back to needing some good gluten free whole grains in my diet as have been neglecting that lately.  Regular cereal doesn’t cut it, granola it is!  The prices floored me.  $15 for 20oz of granola!  don’t even remember if that was Gluten Free.  So came home and went through the pantry and grabbed some of what ever was on the shelf:

granola1.5lbs of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free rolled oats, toasted in about 1/4C of coconut oil, with sunflower seeds, sliced almonds,  chia seeds, dried apple, raisins, pecans, dried apples, cinnamon, pinch of salt, and 1/2C brown sugar.  Its what was on the shelf.

Am guessing less than $20 worth of ingredients for at least 2lbs (32oz) of great, I know everything that’s in it, granola.

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