dehydration again

This is cooked butternut squash.  seven servings, 140 grams total.  We all know what it takes to cut up and cook a squash.  If you only want a side serving for one, what do you do with the rest?  Spent a long weekend cooking squash – both butternut and spaghetti.  Have done this before with the butternut, but not such a large quantity.  The spaghetti squash usually gets frozen, but did dehydrate a serving of that too as an experiment.  Its nice to be able to cook and put aside for later use without having to take up lots of freezer space.


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todays hack

Fried egg on a biscuit.  Now that I’m gluten free, my husband has to live with store bought  biscuits.  It happens that a large canning ring is the exact same size as a Pillsbury Grand.  Grease the inside well, screw threads up, start egg frying.  He likes easy over, so a quick flip onto some ham, and the rings pop right off.  Flip back, some cheese on top of the ham (or do it the other way around) and onto the biscuit half.


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most of the winter has been real mild here, so mild that I’ve already got seeds started in the greenhouse – although, unfortunately, none of the tomatoes or peppers have come up yet!  and just one each of my spaghetti and zucchini squash.

Did buy seedlings of zucchini and a tomato plant which are also in the greenhouse, as are some potatoes already.

and now its chilly.  We’ve had several days of clouds and rain so no chance for the greenhouse to really warm up during the day.  So last night took some 3 day votive candles with big terracotta pots over them, and put them in there.   just went to check on them and those pots are too hot to comfortably touch!

Just enough warmth to keep the chill off the plants!!

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sharing myself

Awhile ago wrote a post for another blog I do.  and for some reason, it came back to my attention today.  In re-reading it, and in light of the BS that is going on all around us, it struck me that I did good with it.  Of course, like all blogs, its a matter of MY PERSONAL OPINION!   It may not be yours, but then again, this is my blog and where I express MY PERSONAL OPINION.  So am going to share it here, hopefully, with a link to the original post.  Never have done that before, so hopefully it will work!

The title of the treatise is “you cannot petition the Lord with Prayer”.

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spring is springing

Thanks to a seed warming mat, sunshine, and mild weather, have chard, spinach, rappini, endive (escarole) and lettuce coming up in the little kitchen planter box (little as in 8’ x 3’)

IMG_1069 (1280x754)

When its time to actually plant these little ones, will bring in two more seed warming pads to just keep the space above freezing at night.  Usually, I’m starting seeds about mid-february, not getting ready to transplant!

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dehydrated rice

Had tried an experiment where I dehydrated some cooked brown rice to see how it would keep long term.  We’re not fans of white rice here and sometimes you just don’t have time to cook the brown – for one reason or another.

Running late today, so grabbed that little half jar of dehydrated brown rice and threw it into a pan with water and it cooked up just fine, thank you.

So guess I’ll be cooking up a BIG batch of brown rice and dehydrating it so I have “instant” rice on hand.  And I’ll put a little aside to see how it keeps long term.

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off the needles

Just off the needles.  This is a Mary Gavin yarn.  Took me about 8 months cause there were MONTHS when I didn’t pick up the needles at all.  But finally finished it last night.  Keep failing to take into account the weight of the yarn when I do the sleeves.  The body of this sweater alone didn’t look anything like this – the neckhole was so small, my head barely fit through and the edges were much closer to my shoulders.  and it was from that point that I measured to make the sleeves.  Fortunately, was running out of yarn and made the sleeves short!  The color is called Sapphire and is really much brighter than it appears in the picture!

new sweater

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