2017 gardening season begins


2017gardengot these cool cloches at Gardeners Supply.  Much more convenient than row covers.  Don’t know how cold they protect to, we’ve barely gotten into the 20’s this winter.  On the left, it is covering some chard plants that are overwintering and they are doing well.  The rest of that bed is garlic.  On the right just planted some cool weather seeds for spring:   closest in, mesculun greens, heirloom lettuce, broccoli raab. far cloche has just a little bit for escarole and broccoli raab.  Will likely plant broccoli in the rest of the space. 

Ran out of time today, but with a week of rain and snow coming in, wanted to get this done.

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rehydrating soup

Finally tried some of the potato leek soup I’d made a few months ago, and dried.  It rehydrated fine, but was bland.  The bland had to do with how it was made, as I usually create a plain base and then update it depending on what I’m using up in the left over department: pork, chicken, sausage – corn or tomatoes – etc.  and then add appropriate seasonings for where I’m going with the soup.

There was some sausage in the original soup and while it was a little tough, giving it some soak time in the hot water as I cooked it all together rehydrated it just fine.  Maybe the commercial tried soups only need to be stirred with some hot water, but the home made dehydrated soups and such need a little bit more time to fully rehydrate.

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organizing my stash


This isn’t all of it, by any means, just some.  A lot of this I bought before I realized just how much you really need to do a project!  A lot of this is fine (fingerling) yarn which will be knit using large needles into light and lacy tunics, worn over a tank.  Just something so I can feel covered when I go out in the summer. Really. must. stop. buying. yarn.

Like that’s really going to happen!

stash       stash2

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enough said



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learning to crochet


There is a crochet project I’ve had my eye on for awhile and thought I could figure out how to do it as a knit, but have finally decided it would be easier to learn how to crochet!  and nothing wrong with learning something new!

Had a whole bunch of bits of Peaches n cream cotton left over from little projects I did when learning how to knit (washclothes, string bags, pot holders, etc) and for what ever reason had put all those little bits together, which yielded the yarn for these two crochet projects.

crochet the square is HUGE (those are 12” tiles) for a washcloth, but was done per the instruction in the book for the first project.  When I realized how outsize it would be, opted to just experiment with different stitches in a format that would be large enough to let me see what they actually look like!  after I wash it, will decide if I should leave it as a wash cloth, or fold it in half and use it as a pot holder

The string bag was a total free hand experiment in knitting in the round, decreasing and increasing, gauge, etc.

Crochet uses a lot more yarn per square inch than knitting as it is a tighter and denser stitch.  It also doesn’t stretch like knitting does, at least not in the cotton.  Will do some more experiments; the string bag gave me some ideas for doing a slouch hat and will use acrylic for that which will give me more of an idea of stretchiness.

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warm arms


warm arms the last sweater I knit had 3/4 sleeves, and I have another I bought with the same (in black).  So some additional coverage was needed.  These of course will also work as just plain hand and wrist warmers when the office is still morning cold!

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feathered nest cowl

out of a book called Birds of A Feather.  Their original pattern is much shorter, so it looks like a nest.  I wanted something longer, with texture, and I got it.  Didn’t really pay much attention to gauge, just used a pretty worsted weight yarn.  Took me longer than it should have; first I had to get the pattern down which speeded up the knitting, and there were a few days when I didn’t knit at all around Christmas.


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